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refill for your  Aquaspay



Aquasine Hands & Surfaces

Natural and alcohol-free disinfectant ionized water, specially developed for the disinfection of the skin and small surfaces (keys, pen, telephone, elevator button, door handle, etc.)


Aquasine recommendation: Spray 3 sprays on your hand, then rub for 30 seconds.
Eliminates viruses in 30 seconds including coronaviruses (EN14476)

Refill for Aquaspray x3

SKU: AQA200.B300.R.L3
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  • Fine mist sprayer
    AQUASIN “  Surfaces and materials  is the disinfectant solution of natural origin active in 30 seconds on coronaviruses.
    Bactericidal, fungicidal, sporicidal, virucidal, ecological and safe, it represents a real alternative to polluting chemical disinfectants.

Precaution for use
Failure to follow the instructions for use may damage the device. Do not use essential oils.

Complies with the strictest standards
Virucidal EN14476, bactericidal EN1275, fungicidal EN1276, sporicidal EN14347 – TP2 – TP3 – TP4