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Ce pack comprend l’Aquahome XXL d’une capacité de 24 litres + 20 litres d’Aquasine


BrumisationConsommation Aquasine Brumisation avec un protocole quotidien de 6h de fonctionnement (vitesse max): conso= 2.1L


Dilution 25% Aquasine pour 75% d'eau

Pack AquaHome XXL

SKU: AQAK409.10
PriceFrom €299.00
VAT Included
  • The AquaHome XXL is an atomizer allowing the Aquasine mist to be diffused by forming a dry mist and thus obtaining contact disinfection.

    It is ideal for large living spaces (offices, lofts, open spaces, shops, restaurants, reception halls, sports halls, etc.).

    Aquasine protocol:

    • Barrier protection during the day: operation 4 sessions of 1 hour/day
    • Automatic disinfection after closing: 1 session of 2 hours.
    • Dilute the Aquasine misting at 25% for 75% ea

    ✔  Eliminates viruses, bacteria, fungi
    ✔  Treats continuously up to 120m²
    ✔  24 liter tank
    ✔  Alcohol-free
    ✔  Respect the environment
    ✔  Non allergenic
    ✔  Economic