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Aquasine Hands & Surfaces

Pack containing an automatic dispenser on a stand + a 2L container of Aquasine Mains & Surfaces.

Can hang on the wall.


Aquasine protocol: Pass your hands under the automatic sensor of the dispenser, a spray of Aquasine Mains & Surfaces will be dispensed to you then rub for 30 seconds. 

Eliminates viruses (coronavirus, H1N1…) in 30 seconds.
Assembly in – 5 minutes.


Aquadistrib pack on stand

SKU: AQUAK261.10
VAT Included
  • Our AQUADISTRI Aquasine is an automatic stand dispenser.

    A real alternative to conventional hydroalcoholic gel dispensers, this dispenser dispenses a spray of Aquasine solution in the form of a spray and not a gel at each pass.

    Combined with our natural AQUASINE Hands and surfaces solution, this dispenser has a 1100mL reservoir that can perform 1000 passes with a full reservoir.

    Aquasine protocol: 
    -Move your hands under the sensor of the dispenser, a spray of Aquasine will be dispensed to you then rub for 30 seconds.
    -Eliminates viruses in 30 seconds including coronaviruses

    The advantages of the Aquasine Mains & Surfaces solution:

    ✔ Eliminates viruses, bacteria, fungi in 30 seconds.
    ✔ Complies with EN1275 EN1276 EN 14476 standards.
    ✔ Alternative to hydroalcoholic gel.
    ✔ No alcohol, no residue.
    ✔ Environmentally friendly (biodegradable, no bioaccumulation).
    ✔ Non-allergenic.
    ✔ Does not irritate the skin unlike hydroalcoholic gel composed of alcohol, which irritates the epidermis of the skin.
    ✔ Economical and ecological

    AQUASINE Hands and surfaces is not affected by the safety labeling, harmless to skin and materials.
    Authorized uses according to ECHA: TP1, TP2, TP4