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This pack includes the Aquagun Pro + 5 liters of Aquasine Surfaces & Materials


Consumption of Aquasine Surfaces & Equipment: cost= 0.01€/m² disinfected.
1 tank = 120m² of disinfected surfaces.

The Surfaces & Material is to be used pure in your AquaGun Pro.


SKU: AQAK411.5
PriceFrom €165.00
VAT Included
  • Disinfection spray gun with a capacity of 380ml.

    Battery-operated, this device is ideal for disinfection of mobile spaces, such as hybrid bikes, rental vehicles, ambulances, taxis, buses, as well as emergency vehicles, etc. The AquaGun Pro will allow you to ensure a fast and effective treatment for the disinfection of your workspace.

    Fill the tank with your ready-to-use Aquasine Surfaces & Equipment solution (no dilution, the product is used pure).

    ✔  Eliminates viruses, bacteria, fungi
    ✔  Continuous milking
    ✔  Alcohol-free
    ✔  Respect the environment
    ✔  Non allergenic
    ✔  Economic

    Formula on a natural base specially developed for spraying by misting,  Aquasin ”  Surfaces & Material  is Bactericidal EN1276, fungicidal EN1275, sporicidal EN14437 and virucidal EN14476.