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AQUALIUS Sprayers 500ml ECO-FRIENDLY NATURAL DEGREASER DETERGENT AND COMPLIANT WITH FOOD CONTACT Are you looking for how to clean and degrease your machines with an effective product that respects the environment and users? Do you want to clean your stainless steel worktops, tables, desks, windows without leaving traces? For your teams, do you want to simplify their work with a safe product, without constraint of use? Would you like to find a degreasing cleaner that fits into your CSR approach? Do you dream of a single product for multiple applications in order to avoid user errors, facilitate the management of your stocks and allow you to save time during your interventions? Aqualius is made for you!!! Natural detergent made by electrolysis of salt water, without safety pictogram, usable on all types of supports (glass, plastic, plexi, paint, metal, fabrics, leather, wood, tiles, resin, etc.) Ideal for cleaning kitchens, elevators, machine tools. All you have to do is spray on, leave on for a few moments and wipe off. Rinsing is not necessary. Aqualius is allergen-free, odor-free, dye-free. In combination with the Aquasine range, you have a complete cleaning and disinfection solution available to meet your environmental impact, carbon footprint, well-being at work constraints, etc.

Aqualius degreasing detergent 500ml

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    Precaution for use
    Failure to follow the instructions for use may damage the device. Do not use essential oils.

    Complies with the strictest standards
    Virucidal EN14476, bactericidal EN1275, fungicidal EN1276, sporicidal EN14347 – TP2 – TP3 – TP4

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